Award-winning indie horror filmmaker Joe Sherlock is a veteran of over 30 feature and anthology films. Writing, directing, shooting, editing and scoring most of his own projects, Sherlock's extensive body of work includes "Drifter," "Beyond The Wall of Fear," "Blood Creek Woodsman" and "Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires" which have been screened at festivals, conventions and cool theater pubs across North America.

His work as director of photography for other indie directors include "Manos Returns," "The Evilmaker" and "Platoon of the Dead." An accomplished illustrator, Sherlock's graphic novel "Demonized" was published in fall 2015. Cult movie expert Joe Bob Briggs comments, "Drive-In Academy Award nominations for Joe Sherlock, the writer/director/composer/editor, for doing things the drive-in way." Peek into Sherlock's sci-fi horror world at

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"Joe's movies are a great example of how unique low-budget horror can be from all the other product out there. He plays by his own rules. It's true renegade stuff that is unlike anything you'll find in the mainstream."

- Andrew Shearer, AthFest Music & Arts Festival

"Every scene and every minute of TWISTED FATES oozes a love for all things horror."
- Ain't It Cool News

Winner, "Special B-Movie Achievement Award," B-Movie Theater Film Festival, Syracuse, NY

"Drive-In Academy Award nominations for Joe Sherlock, the writer/director/composer/editor, for doing things the drive-in way."
- Joe Bob Briggs

DRIFTER: "A brilliant low-budget indie horror flick with a ton of imagination and black heart…a brilliantly dark and twisted effort that I could see becoming a cult classic in the years ahead."
- Hickeys House of Horrors

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Joe Sherlock was born near Philadelphia and spent his first 11 years in New Jersey, his mind being molded by the likes of Dr. Shock's creature double features, comic books and Star Wars. A cross-country move to Oregon exposed Sherlock to TV airings of The Alien Factor, repeated viewings of The Beastmaster, The Thing, Battle Beyond The Stars and eventually like-minded budding videomaker John Bowker. While in college, Sherlock created a series of backyard sci-fi epics known as Starchasers in addition to comedy skits and parodies. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, he co-owned a comic book store for the next 6 years and self-published a series of zines and small-press comics. He stepped into the microcinema world with his 1996 sci-fi horror short feature DIMENSION OF BLOOD. From there it has been a steady stream of horror, thriller and sci-fi features and shorts. Some were directed by Sherlock, others were directed by old friend John Bowker with Sherlock handing camerawork, sound, acting and countless other jobs. He is currently trying to keep all of his cool movie ideas from making his brain explode!