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Check SOVHorror for availability of these movies - Greetings my friends. You are interested in the bizarre, the odd, the strange. I think you will find this horror/sci-fi triple feature to your liking.

In Dimension of Blood, Dr. Thomas Mobius of BioGen Labs has just begun research on a strange lifeform that the government claims was found at the bottom of a deep mining shaft in South America. Mobius suspects there may be more to this than he's being told, so he enlists the aid of lab assistant Rachel Roundtree. When a fellow scientist from the east coast calls for a clandestine meeting but then disappears, the plot thickens and a mysterious Man In Black begins appearing and doing away with all who stand in his way. Can Dr. Mobius and Miss Roundtree unravel the mystery of who the Man In Black is and what the lifeforms really are before it's to late?

In Monster in the Garage, we meet Steve. He's a slob and everyone gives him a hard time about it. He and his lovely wife, Edie, are planning a party at their house this evening. Little do they know that a flying saucer from another world has crash landed in the field behind their house. Not only that, but the hungry creature from inside the ship has escaped and his hiding in their cluttered garage. As guests arrive for the party, some will make their way to the garage...and may never be seen again!

Crimson Heather is a drop dead gorgeous vampire, met by a vengeful huntress, determined to slay this bloodsucker. Heather turns the tables, visits a hot nightclub and leaves with a man for the evening. At every turn, someone is trying to do away with Heather, but she knows how to use her sex appeal and charm to keep living her life of the undead! Starring Shannon, John Bowker, Olivia Lind Vaughn, Felicia Pandolfi, Holly Bernabe.


"One of the greatest papier-mache-monster-hiding-in-a-garage movies of all time! One of the greatest no-budget movies ever to hit home video. A galaxy-spanning saga of a blood-hungry alien who holes up in a suburban garage and begins snacking on guests at a party. Add in some G-men in black, Farmer Hank, and an alien bounty hunter, and it's obvious why they say, "Director Joe Sherlock doesn't make good movies, he makes bad movies FUN!" - "Lunchbox-3"

"Government cover-ups, weird aliens, a dorky hero who rises to the occasion in the middle of all the face-melting action, this baby HAS IT ALL! Man, I'll tell you what, I was just living a lie before I shelled out my 20 bucks for this sucker. Now I know what movies were always supposed to be. The next logical step in cinematic evolution, THAT'S WHAT THIS IS! Who needs Brad Pitt and a 50-million dollar budget? You want a walk-through? Dale Wilson can do a walk-through! Here's your real Men in Black! Man, how excited am I? So why don'tcha buy the thing already! Whew ... some people have to learn it the hard way." - an obviously satisfied customer

Great mix of comedy and gore! Real nice F/X! Good use of cast and location. A film that makes the most of it's low to no budget (which was so low, it couldn't buy Wes Craven dinner). And the story?....It's a hoot!" - Pat Bishow, Director of "The Adventures Of El Frenetico & Go-Girl!"

This double feature, written and directed by Oregon filmmaker Joe Sherlock, is an example of some creative ingenuity at the micro-budget level. You know that when the feature is introduced by a disembodied floating head doing a Criswell impression that the following video isn't going to be all that serious. In the first story Dr Thomas Mobius investigates the origins of strange lifeforms discovered in South America-and becomes involved with some very weird goings on involving government agents, mutants and those pesky "MIBs" that tend to pop up in alien movies. Actor Tom Shaffer is very believable in the lead as the befuddled scientist. There's also plenty of well done gratuitous gore to spice up this concoction. The second story, MONSTER IN THE GARAGE, while entertaining is a bit long with the party sequence but once the dimestore monster comes along is pretty damn hilarious. The part with the alien savior speaking Japanese instead of English through its translator had me in stitches. - Cult Movies Magazine

"Director Joe Sherlock's at home with horror in this garage gore-fest! Remember the late Frank Zappa's lp "Joe's Garage"? Well, it isn't Moon Unit and Dweezil hiding behind that dumpster!" - "dvox"

"Joe Sherlock's movies defy genre classification although their roots clearly stem from genre cinema, they're a hodgepodge of everything he himself finds fun in movies. His filmmaking style blends one part fetish with two parts camp. His actors range from local hobbyists to friends down the street and could even be called the fanboys' equivalent to "putting on a show." His characters are quirky composites of the heroes he grew up on mixed with the friends he has now. Rarely polished gems, the movies survive on Joe's blood, sweat, and duct tape approach to getting the done." - www.b-independent.com

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