inbred redneck vampires aka bloodsucking redneck vampires

Cowriters Mike Hegg and Joe Sherlock:
Hey! We're shootin' a movie!

Actor Jeff Dylan Graham came to town
to put in a special appearance in the flick.

Shannon and Jeff...before the blood!

Amber gets a couple of bite marks
applied by spfx guy Rob Merickel

Robert J. Olin hams it up.

Lisa shows off her choppers!

One big happy redneck family!

Director Joe Sherlock gets
surrounded by his redneck vampires!

They're mighty thirsty...good thing they're in a bar!

Shooting a kitchen scene

Hooray! Got a good take!

Sha Bosley, Robert J. Olin and Director Joe Sherlock
consult on an extremely important scene.
I know you are wondering. 430 lbs.

Getting shots in the living room.

Felicia Pandolfi as sexy vampire Catherine
and Warren E.B.B. as her familiar, Lendel.

Rob Merickel works on Carrie's piled-high hairstyle.

Mike rocks the mullet as Earl

Shooting in a bar early
Sunday morning.

Two guys screwing.

Felicia Pandolfi making sure the fangs stay in.

Make up your own caption.

The lovely and talented Lindsey Hope!

Rob is so beautiful!

Ma Poissier in all her glory.
Costuming by Ma herself, Carrie Davis.

Scott Shanks gets gussied up for
bedtime as Jean Claude Les Eaux.


Joe and Carrie

Joe Boyd the boom man rocked!

Week-long premiere run at Mt. Tabor in Portland, Oregon

Poster for the movie behind Mike.
We don't look happy. But we were!

And the alcohol flowed....

Here's a couple of newspaper ads that Sabala's ran to promote the movie's premiere!

Cover story in local Entertainment paper promoting the Feb. 2008 screening

Toxic Avenger creator Lloyd Kaufman says the movie is great! He says that about everyone, but we'll take it just the same.