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Lust of the Vampire Hookers/Crimson Heather SOLD OUT - Double feature - Lust of the Vampire Hookers is a goofball spoof featuring two oddball police detectives who are investigating a string of gruesome murders. Lonely guys are meeting their bloody deaths and the clues just aren't there. What the pair don't know is that a coven of sexy vampires has moved into town and set up shop as an outcall only escort service. Lonely hearts are only a phone call and a Visa card number away from a night of ecstasy...but the only thing that will get sucked is their BLOOD!! Meanwhile a young runaway gets caught up in the vampires' scheme. Will the bumbling police be able to stop eating donuts long enough to save her?

Crimson Heather concerns Heather Desire, Vampire. After a steamy shower, she slips into her vinyl corset, chains and thigh-high boots. On her way out the door, she is met by a vengeful huntress who is determined to slay this bloodsucker. Heather turns the tables and visits a hot nightclub where, after dining on a couple of annoying party girls, she leaves with a man for the evening. After arriving home and slipping into "something more comfortable," Heather discovers the man's secret...and his secret plans...for her! To say that Heather is having a bad day is putting it lightly!

Starring Shannon, Rob Merickel, John Bowker, Olivia Lind Vaughn, Kylene Wetherel, Holly Bernabe, Tom Shaffer, Joe Sherlock, Felicia Pandolfi, Amber Tharp


"After watching the cops in Vampire Hookers, I've sworn off doughnuts for the rest of my life. Thank you! Nice, swirling camera work; even better in Crimson Heather. Frank the building super, and the doughnut stuffer cop: both the highlights. I like that Felicia Pandolfi - she's good. That dwarf guy would have made Felini proud to know you." - Mike Legge, Writer/Director of Curtains and Night Basement

"Although helmed on a miniscule budget Joe Sherlock's recent double feature never fails to entertain. In LUST OF THE VAMPIRE HOOKERS lonely gumby type guys are being killed by frumpy prostitutes who are, of course, vampires. In CRIMSON HEATHER, the title vampire is stalked by two vampire hunters who get more than they bargained for." - The Gravedigger,

"Hey sometimes you're just in the mood for a no budget, regionally made, shot directly on video dumb vampire movie aren't you?...Well if you're looking for a film that uses the kind of plastic vampire teeth you find in drugstores around Halloween and Karo-syrup type blood, bad-acting and several tired variations on the cops eating doughnuts routine, I have got a movie for you." - Cult Cuts Webzine

"Joe Sherlock's movies defy genre classification although their roots clearly stem from genre cinema, they're a hodgepodge of everything he himself finds fun in movies. His filmmaking style blends one part fetish with two parts camp. His actors range from local hobbyists to friends down the street and could even be called the fanboys' equivalent to "putting on a show." His characters are quirky composites of the heroes he grew up on mixed with the friends he has now. Rarely polished gems, the movies survive on Joe's blood, sweat, and duct tape approach to getting the done." -