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Decrypter is a crime thriller I played a small role in. The film was shot in the fall of 2003 in Portland, Oregon by Director Colin O'Neill and his crew. The movie tells the tale of Micro, a solitary computer hacker who falls into a blackmail scheme with a seductive woman and the men who compete for her affection. The movie's cast/crew/family/friends show was held on Saturday, July 17th, 2004 at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland and it was a blast!! I play "Captain Snacks," a lowlife hacker who lives in his empty-snack-wrapper-filled car, tapping away on old laptops. Decrypter was selected for the Emerging Narrative section of the 26th IFP Market and Conference in New York City, fall of 2004. Congrats to director Colin O'Neill and everyone who worked on the movie!

Decrypter has never been officially released.

Joe with Decrypter director, Colin O'Neill. Man, he's tall!

Shooting a Captain Snacks scene in a parking lot.

Right back atcha, baby!