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Evil RIsing

Evil Rising

In Post-Production - I was the camera/lights/sound guy on this horror flick written and directed by John Bowker. I was also a co-producer, did credit sequences and pick-ups and a whole mess of other stuff plus played a supporting role.

In the small town of Hannover, Oregon, nothing exciting ever happens. People go about living their daily lives, only concerend with what's going on around them at that moment. On December 18th, at 6:45 a.m., that all changed. An earthquake centered 100 miles north of the town registering 4.2 on the rector scale, jolted this small community awake. Things would never be the same again. For two women who have never met, but live along the same fault line, Rebecca Varden and Anna Jankins will be thrown into a world of terror. Their only hope of surviving is a mysterious man by the name of Gregory Brown, but he soon realizes that what he is dealing with is much bigger and sinister than even he can handle and things go from bad to worse as the chaos ensues.

Starring Michelle 'Ame' Mahoney, Amanda Bounds, Robert J. Olin, Bryn Kristi, Joe Sherlock, Darkla Doom, Joe Scott, Maren McGuire, Jeremiah Benjamin and Brent Mahoney. Special Make Up Effects by Rob Merickel. Directed by John Bowker.

For more information, check out my Evil Rising Production Diary

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