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Housebound House of Bloodbath Hill - Housebound/The Seekers Nightmares on Blood Street - Housebound/Phobias Available in the The Store - I played Gordon, one of the "men in black" in Housebound. I was also Director of Photography, handled lighting, assisted with sound effects, was in charge of practical special effects and assisted with costuming.

Heidi (Kylene Wetherell) has agoraphobia and can't leave the house, forcing her resentful younger sister, Nancy (Erin Arbogast), to take care of her. Their relationship becomes strained and Nancy appears near her breaking point with Heidi. Only professional help can cure her, but that is easier said then done. Then one fateful summer day their friend Terry (Alan Winston), seeing that the sister's holidays weren't all that great, surprises them with freshly cut pine tree and plans to celebrate "Christmas in July". What they don't know that something is asleep in the Christmas tree... Something vicious and evil... a creature who knows no mercy, only death. Trapped in a psychological prison of fear, can Heidi overcome her phobia or will they all succumb to a painful fate at the hands of the beast?

SPECIAL EDITION DVD FEATURES: Uncut movie; Audio Commentary Track with John Bowker, Joe Sherlock, and Tim Ritter; Four Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes; Blooper Reel; Preview Trailers

Cast & Crew includes: Kylene Wetherel, Erin Arbogast, Alan Winston, Joe Sherlock, Michael Hegg. Written and Directed by John Bowker.

Check out Check out my behind-the-scenes photo gallery of our trip to Roseburg, Oregon for the weeklong main shoot!