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platoon of the dead

Platoon of the Dead

I was the camera/lights/sound guy on this horror action flick written and directed by John Bowker. I also directed for a day and helped with sound effects, make-up, props and still photography. Check out Tempe Entertainment for more info.

Click the image above to check out my ridiculously detailed Production Diary for Platoon of the Dead!

Me, Tom Stedham, Ariauna Albright and writer/director John Bowker. Tom flew in from Alabama and Ariauna flew in from Los Angeles. The rest of the cast were local.

Cast & crew at the "zombie house" in Peoria, Oregon

John needs more sleep! Ariauna was a trooper, handling boom duties most of the time she wasn't in front of the camera.

Wild & crazy...nice tattoo.

Setting up the "barf shot." Ariauna could do it, but she didn't want to see any playback!

Make-up on Michelle by Rob Merickel

Two tough chicks with a gun

Special effects on Johnathan by Rob Merickel

It was cold up in the woods!

My wife's lasagna was a big hit!

Master and apprentice - me guiding my friend's teenage son in the art of shooting behind-the-scenes video

Zombie bride I did make-up on

John and I having a calm discussion about the next scene

Tom convincing me that he needs more screen time....

Eeeeeeeww!!! A rotting zombie soldier effect by me

Their lips are sealed

Ariauna models her severed zombie soldier arm

Make-up on Lisa by me

Our heroes, Chris, Tom and Tyler

Zombie babes!

Lewis the zombie soldier and I (make-up by Rob Merickel)

Make-up on Marie by me

Shooting the "Pile of Bones" scene.

Make-up on Lisa by me

Tom playing it up extra creepy with Amanda

I don't know what was going on here. I was in the other room. Really.

Me with Michelle. She looks so serious!

Tom Stedham, me and Ariauna Albright. Good times. Good times.

Rob had the right idea, bringing his own chair, blanket, umbrella and handheld game for the December outdoor shoot!

Me and the zombie army!

John and I work out the next shot.

Down in the mud - getting cool shots off the road.

Platoon of the Dead!!!