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The Seekers seekers in multipack seekers sub-distributed House of Bloodbath Hill - Housebound/The Seekers seekers in multipack Available in The Store - I was Director of Photography on The Seekers, and also handled lighting and sound.

What if the opportunity arose for the answers to all of life's questions were to be laid at your feet? What value would you place on the ability to know what to say or what to do in any situation? What would it be worth? What would you give? What price would be too high? Would any? Scott is about to be given that opportunity. What will Scott be willing to sacrifice for those answers? What starts out as a run in with a strange blind woman turns into a terrifying experience for unsuspecting people, family and friends. Join Scott and he rides the rollercoaster of terror in The Seekers.

Special Edition DVD Features: Uncut Movie, Commentary Track, Bloopers, Music Video Behind-the-Scenes Featurette, Preview Trailer

Cast and Crew includes: Felicia Pandolfi, Rober J. Olin, Tamra Redmond, Rob Merickel, Shannon. Written and Directed by John Bowker.